Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bon dia!!

Bon Dia! I just wanted to let everyone know that the team left on it's me, solamente, but everything is going so well Yesterday I had a chance to visit the school, Escola de Paz ( the school of peace) and it was absolutely amazing! I was right in my element. I sang songs and danced with the kids and even got a chance to teach them a bit of was so wonderful! I'm so thankful that the Lord is allowing me to be a part of His ministry here in's such a blessing

So much more has happened as well. Last week we had to opportunity to go into one of the zones (small towns outside of the city) and work at the's a center for boys who have runaway from their homes because of bad conditions. We were able to encourage them, pray with them, and show them God's love just by being there, playing soccer and other games and teaching English. We were also able to walk through the zone, we shared the gospel with a Muslim woman, prayed for a sick man and woman, and encouraged a member of the church....Praise that's been fantastico!!

Also we've been able to love on the children of the zone...we sang songs (head shoulders knees and toes, deep and wide, itsy bitsy spider) we could have made a record in the guiness book of world records for the largest circle of ring around the rosie!! And their absolute favorite was Pato, Pato, Galinha (duck, duck, chicken!) the Mozambiquian version of Duck Duck Goose...the game was massive 110 people came out to watch!!! Hopefully I will have pictures soon! Keep praying..I love you all God Bless, Nicheyta

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