Monday, June 22, 2009

talk about a blindside. i should have been prepared, cause it always, always happens.

i guess the only thing for me to do now is to get up and grace, in forgiveness, in truth.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

so saturday was a fantastical day! it was one of those days that i wish could have gone on forever. i was baptized...and it was beautiful. i was surrounded by people who love me, encourage me, believe me and accept me for who i am. they are people who are walking with me in this journey of living. and i love them so much.

amy said something yesterday that has really resonated with me. we are not just baptized into the community of saints, but we are baptized into the community of the trinity. i've never really thought of the trinity as a community because we have always heard how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. and they are...but they are also three seperate parts of one.

It just goes to show that God created us for community becaues He, himself, is in community.

oh and darrell was really really encouraging when he spoke about how baptism washes away not only the sin but the pain associated with the sin. so so true. it is all gone, God leaves no by products. he also spoke on how Jesus was baptized before he began his ministry and he thought it was wonderful that i was getting baptized before i started my ministry in mozambique. how beautiful, huh.

God is good.

oh and them my most favorite passage in Hosea was read chapter 2 verses 14-20.

"He will allure her..."

what a beautiful day. thank you so much Abba.

love, love

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

so again it has been over a month since i have posted on this thing...i'm just not a blogger by nature. as i have stated previously i am a pen and paper girl through and through. but being that i will be leaving for mozambique in a few months, i figure now would be a good time to practice.

so what's new? umm this summer is going kinda slow for me. i'm usually overseas on missions during this time and so it felt like time was flying by. this summer i'm a nanny to four wonderful, energetic children whom i adore. other than that my summer's pretty wide open.

i'm still raising support for mozambique. i still need about $8000, but now worries. my letters are written, updates are about to be sent out and we'll see what happens. my biggest deal now is trying to get the money in so i can reserve my plane ticket, which will be around $3500. but i'm trusting in the Lord...really.

you know how sometimes you can say that just to say it. or you say it because you feel like it's the right thing to say. i'm saying because i mean it and i know it, have experienced it to be true. i'm trusting in the Lord....wooo hooo!!!!!!!

speaking of woo0 hooo....i'm getting baptized this saturday!!! can i get a praise that Lamb! i am so incredibly excited and i'm going to be surrouned by the most incredible group of people who have become my family. this year that i have had with them has be miraculous...really. i really love them and i really trust them and for those of you who know me...that's a pretty big deal. it's just something about when people are willing to be real, authentic; willing to be who they really are junk and all that makes it easy and comfortable for you to be yourself. i love you guys!!!

side note: i miss my LLA kiddos and my LLA parents, you were the best!