Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here are a pair of my newest earrings:

I'm not one who will promo a new item or new project in every post, not that i think anything is wrong with that, i just don't feel like it all the time. but i figure i'll do it every now and again.

so do you think blogging/texting/im-ing has taken the place of journaling? you see to me there is just something about have pen a paper and writing your words down. i know when write..the style of my handwriting shows what mood i'm in...whether i'm overyjoyed, sad, pissed, or whatever. the emoticons and all the other glitz in blogs just don't cut it for me.

there is somethig raw and authentic about seeing my words on's just natural.
now don't get be wrong..i am in no way hatin' on the bloggers (clearly because i am one...i guess)

i just don't want the art of writng to disappear.

in the near future...send some snail mail instead of an email (postage..blah blah blah...who doesn't have a few cents right?) but think about excited would you be to receive a letter, a handwritten letter from someone. maybe we've forgotten how that feels...that's why we need to write every now and then to remind someone.

or instead of a text message...give someone a handwritten note saying that you love them or that you're blessed to have them or whatever.

don't lose the art of writing

your words are power

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