Saturday, May 24, 2008

my Faithful

It is absolutley amazing how faithful the Father has been to me...but then again one of His names is Faithful so it should be no surprise
It's amazing how i forget...numerous times He has said to me "Beloved, i will take care of you" and yet over and over i would try to do things for myself

This time was different, raising support i mean. it was hard and stressful but a blessing as well. i drew into Him more, I completely leaned on Him as my Tower, my Provider...and though i had moments of leaning on my own understanding....i always returned

Just when i wasn't expecting it, and when i was say "Lord i give it to you" (for the thousandth time it seemed) He provided....above and beyond...exceeding and abundantly far above all I could ask or think.

I'm leaving for Mozambique in 6 days....i'm gonna start living out my passion in six days, living my purpose in six days. though when i think about it...i guess i kinda have been living it out already. praying for those children, dreaming big, casting the vision...i've be living it out in my heart, in my mind.
in six days i get to start the reality of it.

six days. six days? six days!!!!!!

Bless the Lord....i bless the Lord.

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