Monday, April 28, 2008

Headed back to Africa...

Well everyone it's that time again, my most favorite time of the year.....I'm going back to Mozambique!!! (YAY...does a little dance)

This time I get to stay for 2 months...yes 2 months, which means i get to invest more time with some amazing little boys and girls, and amazing adults as well :)

My plan is to go back and volunteer at the School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Whatever they need me to do I will be at their beck and call, whether it be teaching some English or cleaning out the goat pens....i'm game for anything.

My heart is to eventually be there for aout 2 years and possibly establishing a long term English teaching program at the school. My long long long term goal is to open up an arts center.

I know, I're thinking 'why do they need an arts center...isn't food, health and shelter more important?'

Yes. those things are way more important...they are essential.

So let me start by saying this...first and foremost I want to see their physicla tangible needs met. i hope by conjoining with the missionaries I will be working with, that we can do that. Believe me that is my top priority

But i want to open an arts center because i want these children to have to to be just that children. You see by the time they are old enough to take care of a little one or do some sort of labor they are put to work (the age is usuall about 5 yrs old)

So they don't have time to explore whether or not they like to draw or build, whether or not they do pretty well in science, do they like to write poetry or songs.

Each one of those children have a talent. They are architects, designers, singers, teachers, doctors and so much more. I want them to have to opportunity to bring out those gifts and talents that God has given them. I don't want them to be buried any longer because of the circumstances and seeming hopelessness that surrounds these little ones.

There is hope.

They don't have to walk in the path of poverty or sickness like their parents and grandparents have.

They can be prosperous. They can build up ther community. They do not have to settle.

They can be what God has called them to be.

That is my heart.

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