Monday, June 4, 2012

Mighty Warrior

Love the post today from She Reads Truth.  It is exactly what I needed to hear. Knowing that God wants me, not some super, perfect version of me, but that He loves me as who I am, right where I am.

We don't need to believe the lies that we are not enough, or that we are too much.  Because you see, they are just that, lies.  The truth of who we are, our identity is wrapped up in the love of God.  What He says about us, how He sees us.  His eyes are not dim, not hazy.  He sees us clearly, he sees us as he made us...He sees us in our potential.

Reminds me of the story of Gideon when the angel addresses him as "mighty warrior".  Gideon has all kinds of excuses as to why this statement is not true.  But the angel of the Lord never acknowledges these excuses, because that is not how God sees him.  To him, in the eyes of God, Gideon is "might warrior."

We are might warriors.

Speak life to those lies, and they will disappear in the light of truth.

I made these "Life Lockets", I love walking around wearing these truths, wearing something that is a constant reminder for me to speak life, to live in the light.

 thanks for reading...

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