Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the summer is moving slowly for me, still i feel september will be here before i know it. then off to mozambique for 10 months to teach, serve, learn, and grow."

i'm still support raising....i'm at around $4000 which is pretty good. I still have to raise $5000 more....God is faithful. He is teaching me how to wait...since my mentality has been "i want what i want when i want it."

God says to me "And that's fine...but you still have to wait." I love how he talks to me in ways that i understand.

so while i'm waiting...i work as a nanny by day and karaoke singer by night (jk on the karaoke). the job keeps me busy, but the kids keep me laughing. we have adventures of some sort everyday. yesterday we found a rabbit's nest with little baby bunnies inside!

you know, i can't help but get teary eyed when i think of leaving. yes, i want to go, but God has put some absolutely incredible people in my life and i'm not ready to leave them just yet. my small group has become a part of my family. they have supported me, challenged me, and loved me in all my stuff. you don't get people like them very i just want to hold on.

i know, i know they'll be here when i get back. still that doesn't give me much consolation, maybe not as much as it should anyway.

but...i have them now, so i will enjoy this now! tomorrow will take care of itself.

want to see some of my preschool class in Quelimane? Of course you do. Here they are:

if you want to support me (for any amount $5, $20, $100, whatever) make checks payable to
Deep Well Ministries and put my name in the memo line (nicheyta raino)
send to
Deep Well Ministries
P.O. Box 10614
Conway, AR 72034

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