Monday, May 4, 2009

the cure for hurry sickness...

so i get off work at 3:30 and my plan is to run errands and be home by 4;30 in order to beat the 5:00 traffic. in my mind this is totally doable because i only have to....

pick up pics from walmart
buy resin and beads from hobby lobby
buy drill from big lots

no biggie...right. so here i go

on my way to walmart i realize i have left my purse at work. okay no problem i'll just pick it up on my way back.
at walmart to get pics..they did not turn out, so wasted trip. go back to the school to pick up purse...oh classroom door is locked. get keys...get purse.

okay on my way to hobby lobby...ummm smoke begins to come from my hood. by the time i'm in the parking smoke is billowing from the hood. great my car is about to blow up...lift the hood. oh there's the problem...i forget to but the top back on the thing where you pour your oil in. oil is everywhere. no problem i'll just let it cool down.

ok, buy resin and beads.

walk over to big lots. find and drill, oh and they have vanilla coke.yes! ok so i'm standing in line, the lady at the register has written a check and they have to call it in and all that jazz. no worries cause i have my vanilla coke! at this point it's about 4:45, it's okay because the check lady is done and i'm next. i still have plenty of time to get home. and then..

"i can't take debit cards" she says, "my system is down."

"Really, so none of the machines are working."

"No. I can only take cash or check. Oh wait let's try this one"

A glimmer of hope...maybe just maybe. No

So I got across the street to Kroger where there is a atm...get cash go back.

So now i'm back in line and i'm like the 3rd person.

sweet old lady whips out her debit card..."We can't take debit cards, systems down."

"Well, I don't have cash so I'm just gonna try it."

At this point I begin to myself..

i mean how is now 5:00 and there is still someone in front of me...definitely not going to beat that traffic.

"the joy of the Lord is my strength."

this verse comes to mind and I just smile

"okay Lord, i got you...i'm just going to chill out. take it all in stride."

and i did.

i'm finally pay for my things and begin to drive traffic, but all smiles. the joy of the Lord is my strength.

all smiles all the way home

the cure for hurry sickness....

the joy of the Lord.

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Melissa said...

Love this story... and love you. Anytime you want me to photograph your beautiful face, da'ling, I WILL!