Friday, May 25, 2007

Only 8 days now until South Africa!!!

I can't believe it's almost here

We did some more fundraising. We bussed tables a Cici's Pizza and collected tips. It was pretty awesome!

Also a friend and I went downtown in Conway, AR and ask businesses for donations. We ended up making $125 which is pretty good, we left our support letters with a couple of people.

We're still raising money though...we have quite a bit more to get in so please visit my etsy shop

For those who don't know..I'm raising money to go to South Africa for a month. I'll be gone frome June 2-June 27. We will be working with AIDS victims and AIDS orphans along with the homeless and doing other community service projects.

It would be wonderful if you could help out again you can just by visiting my etsy

or donating via paypal (see left side of page)

thanks so much


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BetteJo said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, WOW - South Afica, huh? Good for you! You're very brave - that would be SO outside my comfort zone! I'll link to your blog - hope you talk about it - I imagine it will be a life changing experience!